BRITT EKLAND’S STUNT ARSE!! Ken and Stu are BACK (already!?) to bring the emotion in a thorough, thorough, THOROUGH examination of horror cinema’s most exciting decade – the 1970s! This one has it all! Laughter! Tears! The other things humans do! It’s also the longest episode ever at seven hours, seven minutes and seven seconds! … Continue reading "Episode 25: 70s Horror"
ARRRGH! YAAARGH! It’s Episode 24 (christ!) of The Ken & Stu Show, and our first deep dive into a decade of horror! Yes, we’ll be covering the 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s and 10s in upcoming podcasts! So if you don’t like horror… er… soz! Also our usual analysis of upcoming movies, incorporating Stu having a … Continue reading "Episode 24: 60s Horror"
PUNY GOD! Ken and Stu have only gone and recorded an audio commentary for Marvel Studios’ inaugural team-a-me-bobs, “Avengers”! Or “Avengers Assemble” if British. Which we are. #AvengeBrexit YES! IT IS OUT OF SYNC! We are aware of this, but we’re VERY NEW to recording commentaries! (In fact, if anyone can fix this for us, … Continue reading "SPECIAL: “Avengers” commentary!"
NO-ONE LIKES THE TUNA HERE!! Ken & Stu dig into several months’ worth of movies and TV they’ve consumed – mostly Ken, actually! He watches a lot of stuff! Also, they get into gear with the long-running Fast & Furious series, with the low-ride on EVERY SINGLE FILM! AAAARGH! WHY IS IT SO LOOOOOONG?!?
WE… ARE… INEVITABLE! It’s The Ken and Stu Show! We’re back, and this time we’re putting the Marvel Cinematic Universe to bed. Yes, it’s our endgame. And it’s, erm, Endgame! Also, Stu massively misinterprets a joke from the original Avengers in an insanely racist way!! Why not give it a listen? It’ll be a SNAP! … Continue reading "Episode 22: Podcast War, Pt. 3: Endgame"
WHAT’S AN EDITOR?? The Ken and Stu Show Episode 21 is FIVE HOURS AND FIFTY-SIX MINUTES of pure, uncondensed GUILTY PLEASURE! And that’s appropriate, because we are in fact choosing twenty more of our own guilty pleasures of cinema! SEE! Just how far the “guilty pleasure” definition can stretch! GLEE! As Ken and Stu talk … Continue reading "Episode 21: Guilty Pleasures II"
It’s Christmas time! There are myriad reasons to be afraid! Ken and Stu’s ridiculously overlong podcast returns with a special Christmas-themed hodgepodge of holiday drivel!   THRILL to Ken and Stu’s discussion of upcoming movies we’re excited about! Become SHRILL over Stu’s uncanny ability to recognise the nude bodies of actors! Then DRILL into an … Continue reading "Episode 20: Merry Christmas"
You’ll float too! Or should I say you’ll float TWO! Because we’ve only uploaded TWO EPISODES AT ONCE! Yes, it’s a TWOFER! In which Ken and Stu FINALLY shoot the shit about Stephen King adaptations! It’s fu-KING long at three and a half hours! Totalling SEVEN AND A HALF HOURS OF PODCASTING GOODNESS IN ONE … Continue reading "Episode 19: Kingcast Chapter 1"
THE CLASH OF THE SHITE-ANS! In which Ken and Stu have a MASSIVE FIGHT (that’s deleted from the episode but discussed in detail). Also we talk about our favourite films of all time, whatever. No biggie. EXCEPT IT IS. Four hours!!!
STAR WARS! HERE COME THOSE STAAAR WAAARS! HEY LET’S WATCH STAAAR WAAARS! BECAUSE IT’S GOOD FUUUUUN! Ken and Stu talk about upcoming films! Films they saw! Television they saw! Also The Last Jedi as well as every other Star Wars! And Stu gets awkwardly political!
DO YOU WANNA PLAY A LITTLE GAME!? *TANKS* It’s a new episode of the KEN AND STU SHOWWWWWW! It’s “Jigthor”! The very first Ken and Stu Show Fan Event, or “KASSFE”! Also probably the last. Anyway, it’s got: – Jigsaw! – Thor: Ragnarok! – Talking about upcoming movies! – A genuine and sincere section reflecting … Continue reading "Episode 16: JigThor"
How’s that for a slice of fried gold!? It’s The Ken and Stu Show taking on the cinema of Edgar Wright as well as Spider-Man: Homecoming!
Ken and Stu talk about cartoons for a modest amount of time (close to five hours).
SNOOCH TO THE NOOCH! SNOOGANS! KLAATU BARADA NIKTO! It’s The Ken and Stu Show Episode 13 in which we drone the hell on about every single film Kevin Smith ever directed! EXPERIENCE! Me becoming genuinely incredulous with one of Ken’s bizarre opinions! APPRECIATE! The effort Ken had to go through to watch twelve entire films … Continue reading "Episode 13: Kevin Smith"
OH BOLLOCCCCKS! It’s a new episode of The Ken and Stu Show, “The Podcast That’s Too Flipping Long”! This time we talk about FILMS WE’VE SEEN such as LOGAN and some others I FORGOT. Then we do a massive retrospective of the ENTIRE RUN of The X-Files, Stu’s favourite show in the world that doesn’t … Continue reading "Episode 12: The X-Files, Logan"
OH FLIPPING HELLLLL it’s Ken & Stu Show Episode 11! We’re taking a look at our most wonderful surprises in cinema history as well as our most bitter disappointments! It’s a little bit on the shorter side compared to our earlier casts, but we felt we were trending a little towards being self-indulgent and pfffft … Continue reading "Episode 11: Pleasant Surprises, Bitter Disappointments"
HECK! It’s The Ken And Stu Show on A Nightmare On Elm Street! Episode 10! It’s our Halloween and anniversary specials combined! Also we managed to keep it brief this time hahahaha just kidding it’s FOUR FLAMING HOURS
THE KEN AND STU SHOW IS BAAAAACK! And this time it’s all about Finding Dory and PIXAR! And BOSS BABY, the upcoming Dreamworks film! And Suicide Squad, a bit! And Sausage Party! And Inglourious Basterds!
The verdict on Ghostbusters! Remakes – which ones aren’t shite? Also, The Nice Guys, A Serbian Film, and at least one other thing! All this in The Ken & Stu Show 8!
In which Ken and Stu GET SERIOUS about torture porn and how bad it is!
Ken is Stu’s guilty pleasure! Stu is Ken’s guilty pleasure! Not really. They hate each other! Here’s our actual guilty pleasure movies!
MORE Marvel! MORE colons!! MORE Ken and Stu!!!
WHO YOU GONNA CALL? Ken and Stu, the hosts of this podcast. To talk about Ghostbusters.
It’s WAR! Me and Ken discuss every non-MCU Marvel movie! Did you know there are a lot!?
Ken and Stu take a look at every single DC movie ever, probably! Maybe! I don’t know! Did we miss some?
The inaugural episode of our podcast is up! The Ken and Stu Show takes on Tarantino and only says the C word one time! Maybe! I didn’t count!